During my time at Samsung, I've had the epic opportunity to work on all sorts of amazing work with amazing team members. From TV and radio to 3D OOH. I'm especially excited about the work we've done creating messaging toolkits that other Samsung partners across the country now use.
Galaxy S24 Series
2024: After a second consecutive winning pitch, we got to work on increasing interest for the latest Samsung flagship: Galaxy S24 Series. Again, we couldn't show off the phone, so we tapped into the iconic pinch-to-zoom motion and showed off how amazing the new zoom really was!
For the radio, we pivoted to highlighting the new Circle to Search feature with Galaxy AI, the next big advancement in Samsung's smart phones.
Galaxy Z Fold Radio
The Galaxy ZFold 5 boasts one of the biggest screens on the market. Naturally we had to let the folks know in a way that only Samsung could.
Galaxy S23 Series
2023: After a successful pitch against multiple agencies, we were tasked with generating interest in the Galaxy S23 Series of phones, with a strange caveat: we couldn't show off the device. 
We went with a "if you know, you know" strategy, leaning on the iconic camera design form to let our fans and tech innovators know that something big is coming!

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