about me

I’m Brian, full-time Copywriter, part-time game designer, and
enthusiastic maker-of-things. I think the quickest way to get to know me is through a game, so it’s time for



The game is simple, try and guess which fact below is the untruthful one.

This is true! I’ve been interviewed on American Idol, been an extra in a movie, played a game on Nickelodeon, and more. All fun stories, but right now, we’re looking for the lie. Try again.

Yeah this is the lie… I’m not jumping out of a perfectly good airplane! Congrats!

This is true. I actually used to teach in college (and can totally teach your office too). But we’re looking for the lie. Try again.

Thanks for stopping by. If you’d like to chat, we can connect via email or with a message on LinkedIn.

One last thing to keep you intrigued: Ask me why I hate the word “FIT.”